Consortium of Japan partners successfully promote domestic production and cost reduction for 5G core technology, the basis for next-generation communication standards

TOKYO, Nov 24, 2022 – (JCN Newswire via – The University of Tokyo, Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ), APRESIA, and Fujitsu Limited have successfully developed Open Source Software for the Private 5G/6G Mobile System, realizing a domestically produced, low-cost 5G core network (5GC), the core technology of the 5G mobile network. The initiative was conducted […]

SEAPRWire 在東南亞市場推出加密行業新聞稿分發套裝

新加坡 – SEAPRWire 推出了面香東南亞市場的加密貨幣行業的新聞稿分發套裝。該產品幫助區塊鏈、DeFi、NFT藏品和 NFT 遊戲行業的客戶加強品牌知名度和美譽度,保持在目標受眾的有效行銷。 新聞稿發佈的一個主要好處是能夠覆蓋更廣泛更具權威性的媒體網路。通過SEAPRWire有針對性的媒體分發服務,…